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“The Learning Collaborative is attentive, adapted, careful, & kind learning! We have been so impressed with Jill & Michelle & their approach to atypical learning styles & our child with special needs! They push the limits without stress, are quick to adapt when things are not working, and always teach with a smile. Our child has worked with them in classroom settings, in small groups and in 1:1 outside-classroom settings for the past 3 school years. We simply could not say enough great things about both of them! We feel so lucky & blessed to have found them!! Thank you, Learning Collaborative!! You are WONDERFUL!!! "- Renee (parent)

“My son, now 8 years old, has worked with Michelle and Jill for the past four years. Thanks to their methods and approach, he has made remarkable progress in his recognition and expression of his emotions, his verbal and written skills, his self control in dealing with frustration and anger, and his social skills. Both Jill and Michelle have helped him and his care takers find solutions during difficult behavior phases while also reassuring us that our son is normal and fine."- Lisa (Parent)

“I would consider myself lucky for getting the chance to know Jill and Michelle and work with them, not just because they are so much fun to be around but also because they provided me with a great opportunity to understand how children with special needs learn. They also helped me understand that teachers can facilitate the learning process for children with special needs and help them reach their potential by believing that they can do it but they might need a bit of time. I cannot remember a moment where I needed help or feedback about the child/ children with special needs in my class and Jill or Michelle wouldn't be there to help or provide advice. This made it easy for me as a teacher as I felt supported and knew that they could provide me with tools to enable the children to work in class with the rest of their peers. In my breaks sometimes I used to watch Jill and Michelle work with children one to one in so many different circumstances, which some of them were easy and some of them were hard,  and every time I saw them I used to just get the feeling of how that child is blessed to have a person like Jill or Michelle work with them, since they are full of passion to help children and they also obtain the ability to understand the child holistically and provide her/him with the help needed to build her/his self-confidence. I am also a mother of a child with special needs and I do believe that if my child would meet Jill and Michelle one day for them to work with her, she would be very lucky and in safe hands.The best of luck." Maha  (Teacher)

" While working alongside Jill and Michelle with several students, I found their child-centered and structured approach to greatly benefit children with special needs. They collaborated with the families and other professionals to discuss progress, strategies, and use of appropriate material so that the child could grow in all areas. I truly appreciated their positivity and energetic approach while helping students. " Amy (Speech Therapist) 

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